Honk If You Love Metta

I’m a horrible driver! I’m not sure why I get so angry at people, but I do. I am totally self-aware that this is an issue, but stupidity stresses me out and thus–affects my back (I’m convinced)! In addition to reducing stress at work, I really need to focus on my driving as well. I don’t even have a commute anymore! Seven minutes to my job and I’m still an impatient maniac. It’s deplorable. I finally found this article that I read a while ago on mindful driving. There was a tip that made me giggle at first when I tried it a while back, but I’m willing to try again.

Metta means “loving-kindness” and it’s a popular form of Buddhist meditation. Chanting “may you be well, may you be happy” instead of “#%%!&@” while driving can help calm you down and dissipate anger. My favorite article on mindful driving also says, turn the radio off, be more aware of your surroundings, connect to your breath at stop lights and take deep breaths before you get out of your car to decompress.


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